In English

I'm a city councillor and member of city board in Espoo. I am a sustainability expert and have a Master's degree in Technology from current Aalto University, which used to be Helsinki University of Technology back in the days I studied there.

I am also a mother of three kids and a nature lover. I live in Nöykkiö but know well basically all areas of Espoo as I have lived in many places here since childhood.

My main themes in the elections and my work as a city councillor are the following.

1) Let's put the schools in shape.
The schools with bad indoor air quality need to be renovated. We also need enough schools to respond to the needs of the growing city. The high quality of teaching needs to be remained and even improved, which requires reasonable resources also in the future. This way we guarantee that there's not too many kids in the individual study groups and teachers have time to respond to individual needs.

2) Well functioning public transportation and local services
As the Länsimetro starts the connecting bus routes need to be fast and also complementary bus lines are needed. Local services are important and need to be developed constantly as the city grows.

3) Protect the climate and the nature around us
Espoo can mitigate climate change by using the cleantech solutions provided by many of the companies located in the city. Local nature needs to be kept safe from construction activities even in the Southern Espoo and in dense residential areas.